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Reference360 revolutionizes how customer references are conducted, managed and delivered in 4 easy steps:

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Register on the secure Reference360 platform to safeguard information exchange and ensure process integrity

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Receive a request for a customer reference or initiate a reference recording request

How to request a reference
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A senior industry expert conducts the recorded customer interview

How the recording process works
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Approved customer reference recordings are available for replay by invitation only

Sample interview replay

Watch how Reference360 revolutionizes the reference process for everyone

How Reference360 assures integrity with unbiased, comprehensive, secure references

Customized interviews conducted by industry experts

  • In-depth questionnaire tailored to software and service scope in specific industry
  • Real person interview conducted by selected service and technology experts
  • Professionally composed bias-free approx. 20 questionnaire with 20 non-leading questions
  • Ability to add customer-specific questions
Customized Interview
Compressive authentic references

Comprehensive authentic references

  • Recordings are in video, audio, or written format, at the choice of the reference giver
  • If desired, we will not disclose the name, company and job title of the reference giver (text replays only)
  • In-message platform supports follow-up questions after the interview
  • Each reference recording includes a case study and background information on reference giver, vendor organization and interviewer

Protected content, secure access

  • Authenticity is guaranteed: Final customer reference recordings cannot be altered, reproduced, copied or downloaded
  • Protected access is guaranteed: Review and replay of reference recordings are by invitation only and require registration on secure platform
  • Validation is guaranteed: Access to the Reference360 platform is permission-based and all participants are validated by Reference360 so anonymity is preserved

3 reasons Reference360 “once-and-done” references are 100% trusted



Expert reference interviews are digitally recorded online and replayed in video, audio or written format, making them ongoing strategic assets for your business.



Recorded content never leaves the Reference360 platform. Access is by invitation only. Interviews are 100% verified and if desired anonymity guaranteed.


As a thank you for participating in a reference interview, $100 contribution is made to a charities of your choice.

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