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We say thanks and give back - Charity Rewards Program

Vendors offer occasionally gifts as a thank you for a client to be a reference. To avoid any conflicts with ethics and compliance, we at Reference360 like to say thank you with a cause of giving back.

At the core of our business we have incorporated a charity model , that rewards the participation in the interview process with a contribution to selected charities of choice.

Simply put, each reference giver will receive 100 charity rewards points for participating in a contracted customer reference interview. At each quarter end Reference360 will make the corresponding charity distribution based on the charity selection of the reference givers charity selection and account balance of accumulated charity points in the quarterly period.

Check out our catalog of non-profit organizations eligible for charity selections . We allow Reference360 members to suggest additional non-profit organizations to participate in our “Give Back” program.

Reference360 is saying thanks and is giving back by eliminating any ethics and compliance concerns.