Digital Reference360

Future of customer references is digital


Expert Interviews

Real Person interview

Real person interviews

  • Reference interviews are conducted by real people in real time
  • Interviewers are experienced facilitators, skilled at following up on line of questioning
  • Interviews are conducted by senior service and technical experts and executives with track records in the relevant industry

Bias-free questionnaire

  • Questionnaires average about 20 questions and are designed by professionals to be non-leading and bias-free
  • Questions cover the authentic customer experience, capturing positive feedback, potential areas of improvements, and lessons learned
  • Topics are tailored to the reference’s industry, service and technology scope, and business context

In-depth review

  • The 30-40-minute recorded interview is divided into chapters for easy viewing
  • Viewing is on-demand: Reference requestors can review the recording whenever and wherever they are, as often as they like
  • Reference requestors can add comments and bookmarks to the recording and share the replay link with other members of their team

Robust Content

Company-specific information

  • B2B vendors may suggest up to 5 questions to add to the professionally developed reference interview to address company-specific issues
  • Reference requestors may contact the customer/reference giver via Reference360 messaging to ask follow-up questions to get answers on issues most relevant for their company
  • Reference requestors can add notes, comments and bookmarks to the recording to flag issues important to their company

Comprehensive evidence-based information

  • Reference interviews go beyond customer experiences to provide customer evidence
  • Reference packages include:
    • Reference recording (see a sample)
    • Case study for each engagement (see a sample)
    • Background information on the customer/reference giver
    • Profile of the interviewer
    • Information on the vendor’s organization

Actionable feedback

  • After viewing, reference requestors approve or reject the reference, providing the vendor with valuable feedback for future references
  • Vendors may also create internal ratings for their reference recordings and add comments and use instructions for their team
  • Vendors may tag their reference recordings with key descriptors to make searches easier

Assured Integrity

Controlled access

  • Registration is required of all participants for access to the Reference360 platform and requires a two-step verification process
  • Review and replay of reference recordings are by invitation only and occur within a secure environment
  • All participant identities are authenticated and guaranteed validated through Reference360

Secured content

  • Final customer reference recordings cannot be altered, reproduced, copied or downloaded
  • References cannot be shared outside the Reference360 platform
  • Reference360 guarantees the integrity of the recorded content and the content review process
Verified Identification

Verified identification

  • Reference360 verifies the identity of the customer/reference giver
  • Access to the platform is by invitation only and requires log-in every time
  • Personal data is never shared without permission, and is used only to validate the authenticity of the reference recording
  • Anonymous references are validated and certified by Reference360