Digital Reference360

How it Works

Requesting a reference

  • As the B2B vendor, you register your reference giver
  • A “Customer” InfoPack is sent
  • Vendor submits a reference request recording form
  • You review interview questions and add up to five specific questions unique to the situation or scope
  • Reference360 operations team reviews added questions for objectivity
  • You can develop a brief case study to provide reference background information
  • You’ll be notified when recording is complete

Recording an interview

  • Reference recording request is sent to customer/reference giver, who registers on the platform
  • Interview is scheduled and confirmed
  • As a reference giver, you review and approve the case study
  • You control privacy settings: audio vs. video, access permissions, and whether you want to remain anonymous 
  • An industry expert conducts recorded online interview, pausing as requested
  • Interview replay and transcript are sent to the reference giver  for review and approval
  • User-friendly interface includes a quick start guide for convenience

Replaying a reference

  • Reference replay link is sent to the reference requestor, who registers on the platform
  • As the reference requestor, you watch the reference recording, adding notes,  comments and bookmarks as desired
  • Search function allows you to jump to specific topics or questions
  • You can share the replay with others on your team
  • Reference requestors can rate the reference for internal use, such as usefulness or quality of information 
  • User-friendly interface includes a quick start guide for convenience