Digital Reference360


Reference360 connects all participants in a business reference exchange—reference requestors, B2B technology and service providers, and reference givers—to create digitally recorded reference interviews that are maintained and replayed in a secure environment.

We know that your company’s business decisions rely on the authenticity of these references, so it is essential that you have confidence in them. That’s why we guarantee the integrity of the content creation, storage and replay process for every reference, every time.

Here are the business principles and practices that support our guarantee:

Assurance that the reference is authentic

Every reference giver is fully verified

Reference givers are invited by their B2B service provider to provide a reference via a Reference360 system-generated email. They must register with Reference360 and sign an access agreement before they access the platform to record their reference interview. They must also establish a profile with name, title and key company information, along with sign-on credentials such as password, to access the platform. Personal data is never shared without permission and is used only to validate the authenticity of the reference.

Assurance that the content is secure

Access to reference interviews is permission-based

Reference requestors access the Reference360 platform by invitation only, and there is a 2-step verification process to confirm identity. They must register and create sign-on credentials, including password, and sign an access and non-disclosure agreement before they can view the reference. Their permission level determines which content they can access. Log-in is required every time by every participant.

permission based access
Content accessible on Reference360 platform
Content is accessible exclusively on the Reference360 platform

Customer reference recordings and related material such as case studies cannot be altered, reproduced, copied or downloaded. Replay of reference recordings occurs only in the secure environment of the Reference360 platform, and cannot be shared outside the Reference360 platform.

Assurance that the interview is unbiased

Charity program incentivizes without influencing

Our unique charity program encourages the reference giver to take time to record a reference without offering incentives that might affect the reference objectivity. Reference360 contributes $100 to one of four charities for every reference that is recorded. The reference giver chooses which charity will receive the contribution, so it is personally meaningful without being personally influencing.

Charity program
Professionally developed questionnaire
Interviews follow professionally developed questionnaire

The reference is only as good as the questions that are asked. Reference360 uses a professionally developed, unbiased questionnaire tailored to the service and industry. If a B2B service provider wishes to add up to 5 customized questions, these questions are reviewed to eliminate any bias.

Seasoned industry experts conduct every interview

Reference interviews are conducted in real time by real people. The interviewers are all industry executives with many years of experience in the relevant service and industry, so they know when to ask for clarification and how to ask follow-up questions. Information on the interviewer is provided as part of the reference package.

Expert Interview

Assurance that anonymity is preserved

Generic descriptions and interview transcripts protect identity

Not all companies permit their employees to give attributed references. To maintain anonymity, the reference giver may choose for the interview to appear exclusively in written format and for personal credentials to be masked. A reference requestor will only see a generic title, company size, and industry description, along with the interview transcript which has edited out any identifiable information.

We are committed to B2B references you can trust. Please let us know if you have questions, comments or feedback on our service at