Digital Reference360

Once-and-done recording with an expert interviewer
makes the reference process painless

For Reference Givers

I want to ...

Provide a reference for my B2B service or technology vendor without too much personal disruption.

Typical challenges
  • Repeated requests, time demands, and scheduling hassles
  • Difficulty recalling details as time passes
  • Not knowing who is conducting the reference check or listening in
Reference360 Solution
  • Once-and-done – Record the reference interview just once
  • Controllable – You choose the format (video, audio, written) and who may access recording
  • Professional – Interviewers are experts, knowledgeable about your industry and skilled facilitators
  • Anonymous – You may choose to make the reference anonymous to comply with your company policies
  • Guaranteed – Once you approve the reference there are no alterations, downloads, reproductions or unauthorized sharing

Learn more about recording, approving and safeguarding your Reference360 reference

Reference360 certified references

Certified References

If your company policies require anonymity when providing a reference, we offer unnamed customer references in written form that are validated and certified by Reference360.

The result is a guaranteed authentic customer reference that users can trust.

How we say "thanks"

Reference360 has a built-in charity model to reward you in an ethical and compliant way for participating in the reference interview process: We contribute to a charity you choose.

Each time you participate in a contracted customer reference interview, you will receive 100 charity rewards points equivalent to a $100 contribution.

At the end of each quarter, Reference360 will make a charity contribution based on your selection and accumulated points.

Relative contributions to date
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