Digital Reference360

Review the right customer reference at the right time, at any stage of your buying cycle

For Buyers of Services and Technology

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Validate the capabilities of a prospective B2B service or technology vendor.

Typical challenges
  • Customer reference is not available or there are scheduling delays and cancellations
  • Getting a complete, comprehensive interview and sharing it with others
Reference360 Solution
  • On-demand – Watch recorded reference interview as many times as you want
  • Shareable – Share reference replay with your team, add comments, and bookmark the most relevant interview sequences
  • Interactive – Use secure messaging link to contact reference giver with follow-up questions
  • Trusted – Verified identity, protected content, secure access

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Reference360 certified references

Certified References

If a customer’s company policies require anonymity when providing a reference, we offer unnamed customer references in written form that are validated and certified by Reference360.

The result is a guaranteed authentic customer reference that you can trust.

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