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Convert customer references from an obstacle to an opportunity with a library of on-demand videos

For Service and Technology Providers

I want to ...
Obtain customer references for my business
Typical challenges
  • Coordinating customer and prospect calls
  • Avoiding customer burn-out from too many requests
  • Reaching customers who leave their organization or are no longer available
Reference360 Solution
  • Customer-friendly – Ask just once for a reference that can be used throughout the sales cycle and with multiple prospects
  • Timely – Request a reference after milestone when the experience is fresh
  • Customized – Add your own service-specific questions to tailored interview questionnaire
  • Scalable – Create a portfolio of references to tell your company story
  • On Demand – use your customer references at any stage of the sales cycle

Learn more about requesting, replaying and managing your Reference360 customer references

Reference360 certified references

Certified References

If a customer’s company policies require anonymity when providing a reference, we offer unnamed customer references in written form that are validated and certified by Reference360.

The result is a guaranteed authentic customer reference that users can trust.

How we say "thanks"

Reference360 has a built-in charity model to reward your customers for participating in the reference interview process in an ethical and compliant way: We contribute to a charity they choose.

Each reference giver will receive 100 charity rewards points equivalent to a $100 contribution for participating in a contracted customer reference interview.

At the end of each quarter, Reference360 will make a charity contribution based on the customer’s selection and accumulated points.

Relative contributions to date
Non-profit name here
Non-profit name here
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